Tree removal in North Georgia is no easy undertaking. 

When taking on a project of this magnitude you want to be sure that the experts you employ to get the job done are just that: experts.

With many years of experience in tree removal service you can rest knowing that when GreenThumb Tree Services is on the job you will pay a great price for the quality and speed of the work we provide! 

It all starts with a simple call to our staff to schedule a free inspection of the tree or trees in question you want to have removed.

During the inspection our tree removal expert will take measurements and note any potential hazards like power lines, utility lines like water pipes, and proximity to your property as well as any roadways that the tree may be close to.

After these things are taken into account our expert will give you a number of options when it comes to tree removal such as:

  • When the tree is taken down, do you want us to reserve the chipped pieces to create mulch for your property?
  • After the tree is removed, would you like for us to grind the stump down to avoid a trip hazard?
  • And more!

No more putting it off; you are already reading this, why not call right now?



Ever wondered how a tree is removed from a property?

Here is a basic breakdown of how a tree service like GreenThumb removes a tree:

  1. Inspection: As we just discussed, our expert will take measurements and make note of any and all potential obstacles as well as safety concerns, then give you a quote.
  2. On the day of the service appointment our crew will arrive with all of the equipment they need to perform the job such as ropes, climbing gear, hard hats, goggles, and cutting tools. Before they begin they will have a safety briefing where everyone on the crew is made aware of any and all potential obstacles and safety concerns.
  3. One of the crew members will climb the tree to the highest point that can be reached safely and anchor themself to the tree. The climber will make sure that the ground team is ready for the first cut to be made to ensure that everyone is safe from falling branches before beginning.
  4. The cutter will begin cutting branches that will fall to the ground to then be picked by the ground team. The ground team will carefully place place the branches into a large wood chipper that is on site.
  5. After all of the branches have been removed from the tree, the climber will climb to the top once more and begin cutting the trunk into pieces that will be lowered carefully down to the ground team via ropes. 
  6. Once the tree is down and fully removed from your property our crew will perform a stump removal service or a stump grinding service if you opted for either of those.
  7. Once all of the expected services have been performed our crew will cleanup after themselves so that you will never know they were there (except for the tree that is now missing of course).

And that is pretty much it! For more info on our local tree removal service, give us a call!