Stump grinding and stump removal services in Atlanta Georgia are another service that the team at GreenThumb Tree Services are called on to provide for our friends and neighbors that we call our customers!

Unwanted tree stumps can be a trip hazard as well as a potential home for dangerous insects like fire ants and home eating termites (which are also incredibly disgusting creatures).

You have come to the right place if you want that tree stump gone!

GreenThumb Tree Services in North Georgia have been helping homeowners and business owners rid their property of stump that are a nuisance and undesirable for many years! 

When you are ready to rid of that old tree stump just give us a call!


​For stump grinding service our experts will use an industrial strength grinder and water (to ensure the friction of the grinder doesn’t catch the stump on fire) to grind your old tree stump down to below surface level.

This allows your property’s lawn to naturally grow over the stump, helping you to soon forget that it was ever the trip hazard or eyesore it was before you called us.

The whole process takes a relatively short amount of time and is an inexpensive (if not entirely complete) way of removing an unwanted tree stump from your property.

Contact us today and we will get grinding ASAP!



Stump removal is a little more involved, and requires to use of chains and a heavy engines to literally rip the stump, roots and all, from your property.

Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

During the initial inspection we will take note of utility lines and other related obstacles that could represent an obstacle to removing the stump and its root system. 

One of the reasons that stump removal, along with the tree’s root system, is a good idea is that even when a tree is cut down its roots can continue to grow underground, leading to problems with things like water lines, drainage pipes, and other underground utilities.

Here are a couple more great reasons to call us for tree stump removal:

  • To Avoid Regrowth: Occasionally after a tree is cut down but the stump i left intact, the tree can actually begin to regrow (isn’t nature awesome?). Removing the stump and its root system ensure that you don’t have to worry about regrowth.
  • To Create New Space for New Plants: Once a stump is removed you suddenly have options for what to put in its former spot. Green Thumb can lay down new sod to cover the area with grass, plant a flowering bush or shrub, or even plant a new tree!

Depending on the type of tree and the reach of its root system we will get to work to make your root and its stumps a thing of the past! Stump removal at its best!

Want more info on how we remove a problem stump? Give us a ring!