We offer Recycling and Mulch services to our customers here in the North Georgia area, as well as our advice on how to better care for your trees and the property around them!

Mulching and having existing mulch replaced over time as it ages is crucial to getting the most out of your trees and keeping them healthy year-round (more on that in a bit).

Not all mulch is created equal however; some of the junk you find at stores can actually be harmful to your trees and even attract insects!

We know the best mulch mixtures to choose from when it comes to protecting your trees, can make sure that your current mulch is not actually harming your landscape, and even add some color to your mulch to bring the beauty of your home together.

And if you happen to be in need of tree removal service we can even recycle the chipped wood that we reduce the unwanted tree into to make mulch to help protect your remaining trees and property look amazing!

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Adding mulch to your property’s tree bases (and other areas like flower beds) is a great way to maintain the health and vibrancy of your trees and other landscape vegetation!

Here are a few of the benefits your trees get from adding mulch:

  • Adding mulch to the base of your trees helps to insulate their immediate roots and below surface trunk from temperature extremes of both heat and cold.​
  • Mulch around the base of a tree helps to keep things nice and juicy, locking in moisture for your tree’s roots to draw water from.
  • Mulching around a tree is a great way to ensure that your trees are free from competition when it comes to water absorption by its roots.
  • A ring of mulch around a tree makes for a highly visible barrier to work around when mowing the lawn nearby, ensuring safety for everyone involved (including the tree roots).

In addition to the benefits listed above, adding a ring of mulch around the base of the trees on your property, home or commercial, add a level of care and refinefinement to your property that speaks volumes about you, the owner!

And when it comes to homes, adding a little curb appeal never hurt!

If you have been considering adding the look and protection that mulch provides to your trees and property now is the time to give Green Thumb Tree Service a call!


Want to make the most out of an unwanted tree on your property?

Want to be a nature loving hero and skip the trip to the home improvement store to buy mulch manufactured (poorly) in huge, smoking factories?

When we provide a tree removal service to rid you of an unwanted or dead tree, we will grind said tree into wood chips that can then, at your request, be combined with other ingredients to create fresh, high quality mulch!

We can use this mulch to protect the base of your remaining trees or mulch a flower bed or shrub area; we can can even add in some color to make your landscape pop with the rest of your outdoor style!

Take advantage of what you already have and give us a call!