GreenThumb Tree Services offers total organic ecosystem solutions in North Georgia to help you get the max out of the life of your property and all the aesthetic appeal it can have!

From shrub trimming, to sod and tree installations; GreenThumb Tree Services has got you covered!

We can help to treat your trees for any type of infestation to ensure a rich, lush, healthy appearance that goes roots deep, and much more! 

And none of what we use involves harsh chemicals; everything we use is…you guessed it! 

Completely green and environmentally friendly!

We are honored to have so many home and business owners in North Georgia call exclusively on GreenThumb Tree Services to care for their properties when it comes to the living things that make the world a greener place!

Not sure what to do? We can help with professional landscape design to get your creative juices flowing and have the expert know how to turn those ideas into reality with expert installation!

Join the in-crowd and start your partnership with us today!



Is the landscape of your home or other property in need of a makeover?

Call on GreenThumb Tree Services in North GA for help with landscape design and installation of features that will make your neighbors green with yard envy (its a real condition, but not a serious one)!

Our experts will help you to come up with a plan to incorporate the organic elements you are looking for with your existing decor (or completely new stuff, that’s fun too!) and then come up with a plan to make it happen!

If your property doesn’t look its best you owe it to your yourself (and possibly your neighbors or customers) to give us a call and have us work our magic with all things green!

Let’s do this! Call now!


We take a great deal of pride in our work and while we don’t claim to be the biggest landscape based company in North Georgia, we do strive to be the best when it comes to organic solutions!

What do we do to be the best tree service and landscape in the state?

  • Keep Our Prices Affordable: We strive to keep our prices competitive while always looking for ways to innovate and bring more quality to what we already do like a boss!
  • Staying on Top of Our Game: We are also constantly educating ourselves to be the authority when it comes to the all organic services we provide!
  • Total Customer Satisfaction: Keeping everyone as informed as possible when it comes to our work, we have found, is a key to success we have found to be crucial!

We aren’t satisfied until you are impressed with the caliber of work we perform!

Put us the the test and give us call!  Be sure to visit our ecosystem installation services page!