Planting grass sodding, flower beds, and adding other elements or replacing existing ones is great way to revitalize your property; and GreenThumb Tree Services is here to help!

Over time the weather and climate can take a toll on the grass covering your property leaving it dry, dead, or patchy.

We can take accurate measurements and lay down fresh sod (that would be ready to go, fresh grass that comes in a roll) to bring back that lush green vitality to your property.

Likewise, adding a fresh, mulched flower bed with some in season flowers is a great way to bestow some color and class to the area!

Ready for a landscape makeover that will pop?  Contact us now!


GreenThumb Tree Services also offers tree planting services to the good people of North Georgia!

Perhaps it is time to add a beautiful tree to your landscape, but you aren’t sure how that even works, what it will cost, etc.? If you are considering adding a tree (or multiple, the more the merrier) to your home or other facility’s outdoor area you have come to the right local tree company in North GA!

We will walk you through what the process looks like from start to finish when it comes to having new trees planted on your property; from total cost of the project, planting preparation, transporting the trees, the actual planting service appointment itself, and after care.

Installation is actually one of our favorite services, as it brings the area in question to life even more with green magnificence!  Time to give us a call and get you in the green!



As you might imagine not every tree species is right for every climate and Atlanta is no different.

That being said, there are quite a few tree species that are well suited to our area that all provide different benefits and look to where they are planted.

A few of the trees that are great additions to any property here in North Georgia are:

  • The Dogwood Family of Trees: These trees are hardy and beautiful, with the pink and red dogwood breeds lending a splash of pink to the area.
  • The Oak Family: The mighty oak, while being slow to grow, provide excellent shade. The oaks best suited for this area include the bur, scarlet, pin and northern red.
  • The Weeping Willow: While it has a sad name this breed of tree is an ideal one to add a level of southern ambiance that is hard to match, as well as its prodigious shade factor.
  • The Maple Family: The maple family of trees make for sturdy and fragrant choices, with the red maple and japanese red maple adding their red warth to your landscaping!

In short, there are a fairly wide variety of tree species that tolerate our warmer, humid climate well (too many for us to list them all here).

If you are ready to bring your property to life with new trees, or have questions, contact us today!