We are extremely proud to offer our Commercial Disaster Prevention Plan (or C.D.P.P. for short) to our friends and neighbors here in North Georgia!

With the inclement weather we see here in Georgia, from tornadoes to tropical storms to hurricanes, it’s a good idea to have a plan ready for when disaster strikes a non-residential property.

Our C.D.P.P. program is designed to give you the peace of mind of knowing that when the worst occurs GreenThumb Tree Services in North Georgia is your ally on call!

For a low annual fee of $500 per location our C.D.P.P. includes the following:

  • An Annual Property Evaluation- In order to familiarize our experts with your property and its particulars, as well spot any current concerns, we will conduct an annual inspection of the locations covered by the plan. Our inspection will be scheduled at a time that is best for your schedule to avoid any disruption in your day to day activities, and our skilled technicians will give you a heads up if anything needs to be addressed.
  • Priority Service- When your facility has an urgent, immediate need, you need that help sooner rather than later. Enrolling your property (or multiple locations) into our C.D.P.P. program ensures that you are at the top of our list when it comes to serving our community when things get a little crazy! Your $500 fee will also be credited toward any job that we perform for you!
  • Competitive Daily Rates- We are also owners of multiple commercial properties, so we understand that when it comes to having work done cost of service matters. When you enroll your single location or multiple location properties into our C.D.P.P. program you get the most competitive daily rate for the work you need. We base our prices on what we have paid ourselves for the same kind of work in the past and pass on that savings.

Our C.D.P.P. program is currently in open enrollment; join the program while we still have availability!

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GreenThumb Tree Services in North Georgia is here to make sure that your multi-family locations receive the service they need when they need them; not 4-6 weeks after you make the call!

We also own several multi-family properties and can tell you that we honestly know your frustration when it comes to playing the waiting game with necessary service companies!

To help relieve this frustration, GreenThumb Tree Services offers our C.D.P.P. program for multi-family locations in the North Georgia area! 

Our promise to you is to provide the fastest, most professional service you can count on!

If you are a property owner or facility management company and in need of the best tree care services in the state, give us a call!



With friends and family who work for our school districts, as well as the numerous kids we have in said schools, it should come as no surprise that GreenThumb Tree Services is all about keeping our local schools beautiful and safe for students and faculty.

By enrolling your campus or other school facility in our C.D.P.P. program you can trust that when things go sideways with the weather that we are at the ready to make sure that things are well in hand!

Want more info on how our C.D.P.P. program caan protect your school and its staff and students?

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Our city and its communities run on local businesses like those located in strip malls, shopping centers, and privately owned commercial properties with commerce in mind.

Keeping these centers of our communities safe for visitors and employees is of paramount importance; especially when it comes to storm damage!

Our C.D.P.P. program will keep your customers vehicles and persons safe from dangerous falling branches, helping to prevent a high loss lawsuit and potential closure due to lost revenue!

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