​GreenThumb Tree Services in North Georgia is here to help you keep your home or business looking its best when it comes to the trees on your property!

Unruly trees can obstruct your view, cross property lines, and even cause damage to roofs and buildings when left to grow without direction; which is where we come in!

GreenThumb are the local experts when it comes to tree care in North Georgia!

From tree removal to stump grinding, from tree trimming to mulching, and beyond; you have come to the right place!
We have years of experience in tree care solutions to fit every residential or commercial need, are licensed and insured, and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction without exception!

And unlike many fly-by-night, chuck-with-a-truck, so-called landscaping companies, GreenThumb knows an oak from a birch and how to best care for the trees on your property!

Give us a call now for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment!


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Looking for local tree trimming and cutting that won’t leaf you broke (yeah, we are all about the tree jokes)?

GreenThumb Tree Services provides easily scheduled and affordable local tree trimming and cutting services for homes and other properties in the North Metro area and beyond!  But maybe you are thinking, “I can just get a ladder and a chainsaw and…”  Whoa! Pump the brakes Mr. I can DIY everything!

To begin with, trimming and cutting tree branches yourself is a risky endeavor at best with the possibility for serious harm to yourself and your property (will your car insurance cover that tree branch that crunched in the roof of your car? Best not find out.). In addition to the safety concerns, there are the trees to think about.

Cut off a mainline tree branch and the health of the tree can be seriously compromised making it more susceptible to environmental damage, infestation, and disease; all of which can lead to death! Trimming too much can cause problems as well!

Don’t risk your safety or the health of your trees!  Call the experts! (That would be us.)


​Do you have a problem tree on your property that is a candidate for licensed and insured tree removal but aren’t sure what to do about it?

Good news; if you are reading this you have already taken the first step to taking care of this issue (because you can click to call us right now, hint, hint)!

Our local tree removal crew have the skills and experience necessary to ensure a safe and fast removal of trees on your property that may need to be removed due to: 

  • Continual root growth into utility lines 
  • Were planted too close to your property lines and need constant trimming
  • Are dead and in danger of collapsing either onto your property or someone else’s
  • Are dead and are a potential place for nearby termite infestation

For these reasons or any others you can think of (maybe you just hate trees?) GreenThumb provides local tree removal service that is licensed and insured so you never have to worry when you hear us yell “TIMBER!! (joking, we don’t actually do that).”

affordable tree removal


That title says it all: we are the company to call on for North GA tree stump grinding service!

Have you ever tripped over a tree stump you didn’t see? It’s embarrassing at the least, painful at the worst (can you say FACE PLANT? Get it?)!

Beyond the trip hazard a tree stump is, they can also be a potential home for ants and termites that can be hard to rid your property of without eliminating an errant stump.

GreenThumb Tree Services can grind that stump down to below surface level for you both safely and quickly, and the appointment can be scheduled at a time that fits in with your busy lifestyle.

We will clean up any mess we make when we perform the service, and might even be able to use the debris from grinding to make mulch for the trees on your property (read on for more info on how we can recycle to your benefit).

Give us a call today and we will make that stump disappear!


When it comes to mulching and recycling services, GreenThumb Tree Services has got you covered!

One of the many benefits to choosing us as your local tree care company in North Georgia is that we believe highly in recycling as much as possible!

Recycling your trees that need to removed into nutritious mulch is a great way to do your bank account and mother nature a favor at the same time. 

With the addition of a few key ingredients from our experts (and possibly some color to go with your outdoor decor if you’re so inclined) the mulch we will add to your property will help your trees to flourish and look their best.

Even if you don’t have a tree for us to grind into mulch for you; GreenThumb can hook you up with mulch that will fit your budget and needs, ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from your investment.


Storm damage from tree branches cause millions of dollars in damage per year, and with Atlanta’s climate and weather we get tornadoes and tropical storms aplenty.

The instance of this kind of costly damage can be prevented in most cases by calling a local tree service company in North Georgia (we know a great one by the way, just FYI).

Do you have tree branches reaching closer than 10 feet from the roof of your home or business?  Do you have a tree that is dead, and you fear it might collapse during some inclement weather?  Then it’s time to give us a call.

Our experts will assess the situation and offer advice on what if any measure need to be taken to ensure the safety of your property when it comes to potential storm damage, and we will give you an estimate on the work on the spot.

Only you can prevent tree based storm damage (well..with our help…you get the idea)!



​GreenThumb can also offer you a professional evaluation of the complete ecosystem of your property.  Proper tree and shrub placement that will optimize the water run and usage on your property.

We’ll help you choose from a selection of plants and trees that will help beautify your property, without shading areas that you have invested in a perfectly groomed lawn.  

Need a beautiful lawn, or perhaps the installation of the correct type of grass based on the sunlight reaching your property, we’d be happy to take care of that as well.  

As mentioned, we may have some fresh mulch for you to utilize when we’re done removing those dead and troublesome trees.

That’s right, our skills don’t stop at trees! We enjoy our work and take pride in seeing a beautiful and lush property we have the honor of caring for! Call us today for a total package level of care you won’t find anywhere else!

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So maybe you are wondering how to choose the right tree care company near you?

While we can recommend a great local tree care company in the North GA (cough, cough) we also want to be as much help as we can to our friends and neighbors when it comes to making wise choices.

Here are three things to look for when you are searching for a local tree care company:

Licensed and Insured: Because of the potential for damage to property while tree care professionals visit your property, you want to be certain that they are both properly licensed to do the work AND are fully insured in the event of an accident. The inability to produce proof of these two critically important aspects of their business is a sure sign of shady dealings.

Reputation (preferably the good kind): Have you ever spontaneously visited a restaurant for the first time and it wasn’t up to par? What will make it even worse after the fact is checking the reviews of previous patrons and finding bad reviews that would have saved you that bad experience if only you had checked them out first! The same is true with local tree care companies! Check out reviews first!

Making Sure the Price is Right: If you’re like us then it creeps you out when you ask for a quote on something and it seems way lower than you thought it would be. A little research on pricing for yourself before you ask for a quote will go a long ways toward not getting either overcharged or undercharged (with the undercharging service cutting corners and doing shabby if not unsafe work).

If you have any questions that we can answer please give us a call and we will do our best whether you choose us as your local tree care professionals or not.